Mobile Device Management

Protect corporate mobile devices and address BYOD with ease.

Mobile Device Management

MDM at no extra cost

Tether supports smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS. Each laptop/desktop subscription seat includes a free mobile subscription seat at no extra cost.

RemoteKill® device lock and wipe

Compromised devices can be locked with a passcode or remotely wiped back to their factory state, preventing sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands.

Offline Curfew™

Administrators can set a curfew for specific assets. If an asset fails to connect to a network for a specified amount of time, it will autonomously execute preprogrammed RemoteKill actions, protecting assets even if they never connect to the internet.

Asset inventory

Collect hardware and software inventory in real-time and extend your data with custom fields.

Enforce security policy

Administrators can require devices to use a lock screen code, with a system-generated or user-provided PIN.

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