Everything you need to run a more secure laptop fleet.

Track laptops and mobile devices, counteract theft, secure sensitive data, and stay compliant
with data privacy standards. All with a single cloud-based console.

Five Essential Features, One Powerful Product

Laptop and Device Tracking

Track and locate laptops, smartphones and tablets across your organization in real-time.

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Prevent asset theft and data breaches with anti-theft countermeasures including hard drive lockout, out-of-band file encryption, and full disk encryption PIN revocation.

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Full Disk Encryption

Deploy and manage Windows Bitlocker and Mac OS X Filevault. Stay compliant with data privacy standards using industry-standard OS-native encryption.

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Mobile Device Management

Protect smartphones and tablets and address BYOD with ease.

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IT Asset Management

Make better decisions with real-time asset inventory and powerful reporting capabilities.

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